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The Irish don't have a monopoly on good luck. Go beyond the four leaf clover. Here are 8 strange and grotesque good luck charms from around., an online stock photo agency, created a list of symbols from different customs and cultures from around the world that are. If you look further afield, however, you'll find there are all sorts of good luck charms and symbols out there in the world. Check out a few that are used around the.


Top 10 Good Luck Charms

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They represented the rising sun, warded off evil, and were associated with rebirth and transformation. STATE Cold Shoulder Blouse Buy It. The reason comes from the story of Nokomis, the grandmother in Ojibwa folklore. The main prupose of this site is to be educational while entertaining at the same time. The Irish have made four leaf clovers famous for good luck. STATE Chevonn Slide Sandal Buy It. Food and Drink Best Sandwiches From Around the World. Images and amulets showing a red bat protect the bearer from evil and bring happiness and luck. Terms and Conditions of Sale. You might have picked up a penny from the floor and carried it around for luck, or even had a lucky pair of underwear you wore for every big test or job interview. These round glass amulets are designed to look like lidless blue eyeballs. The 10 best cities in the world, according to travelers. From carp scales that are collected in Poland to Japan's Maneki-Neko figurines, take a look at some of the most city club casino affiliates good luck symbols from around the globe. lucky charms around the world


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